Adam Whittaker


I make

I make things people love – love to watch, love to use and love to see. I’m an art director, designer and front end developer with a passion for brands and interaction. I create unique concepts and immersive digital experiences translated with incredible design across all channels.

I’ve led creative at small digital agencies, large shops, my own startup and in-house departments. When I’m not working I’m usually walking around - camera in hand finding lost details in New York. I’m a ridiculous basketball fan and a cautious admirer of urban fashion.

I'm a
digital kid.

Thanks to Apple’s Education Program, I was introduced to True Basic on a Macintosh Plus in the 5th grade. Since, I've been somewhat crazed about creative technology and a natural early adopter.

I’m an artisan. In 1994 while waiting for some film to develop, I started playing with a program called Photoshop on a machine outside my school’s dark room. A year later my first website was live on GeoCities – an eclectic exploration of moving, tripped-out, effects in the new gif format. I was hooked.

I’m Brooklyn through and through. I moved to Brooklyn when I was 18 to attend Pratt Institute. I graduated with a degree in Communications Design, and I’ve lived here since.